Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Boris The Burglar“Neighbors watching out for Neighbors” is a simple concept, but it forms the basis for a highly effective way for citizens like you to join with local law enforcement in the War Against Crime. If you desire to make your community safe, one of your first steps could be to coordinate a Neighborhood Watch program. Several neighborhoods in the City of Vicksburg have organized watch groups, and these communities continue to enjoy the safety and protection that comes with the program.

Neighborhood Watch groups are not difficult to organize. You can pick up information packets from the City of Vicksburg Police Department's Community Resource office during regular business hours. Share the information with your neighborhood. Once at least half of the residents in your neighborhood have agreed to participate, you can register your neighborhood with the police and select a president and block captains. The president will work directly with the VPD to provide information to the block captains, who in turn communicate with the residents through newsletters and telephone calls. They, in turn, provide information to the police.

As a Neighborhood Watch participant your task include arranging for a Home Security Survey, practicing Operation Identification (engraving items to deter crime and quickly identify stolen property), and exchanging identification with neighbors, reporting all crimes and suspicious activity to the police, and participating in passive patrol in your neighborhood.

Simply put, Neighborhood Watch asks YOU to participate as the eyes and ears for your neighbors and the Police Department by reporting suspicious activity. You are encouraged to call law enforcement when you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood and to furnish whatever information is available, even anonymously if desired. Watch group participants should never attempt to arrest an offender.

To learn more about the program or to obtain an information packet, fill out the contact form listed below OR directly contact the City of Vicksburg Police Department, located at 820 Veto Street, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, or call them at (601) 636-2511. A Community Resource Officer will contact you and provide further information about this program.